In many Business Intelligence implementation cases,  there’s a certain difficulty for IT Pro to explain or describe the difference  between OLTP (OnLine Transactional Process) and OLAP (OnLine Analytical Process).  I hope the table below might help a little.

source: 360decisions

PurposeAutomate the businessOptimize the business
UseTransaction processing
Reporting, analysis planning, forecasting and trending
Schema2–dimensional normalized
NavigationBased on transaction flow
Based on user requirements
OperationMostly insert, update and deletes
Mostly selects
CalculationAggregation, simple matrix
Aggregation, simple matrix, X-dimensional, formula-based
Slow to deploy and difficult to change
Fast to deploy and easy to change
Data Usage
Historical trending, analysis and discovery
Data level
Consolidated and customized
Availability24/7 dependency
No dependency on source
Refresh Frequency
ImmediatePeriodic refresh
(Hourly, daily or weekly)
ExampleFlight online systems, order processing systems
Sales per employee
GoalCapture complete data
Retrieve data in seconds / minutes
DesignRelational (RDBMS)
(star, snow-flake or hybrid)
Data Mining & Discovery
Difficult to perform
Easy to perform
Clean Data
Transformed Data
View of Data
SingleMultiple (sales regions are separate then financial regions)
IT dependency
YesSome IT dependencies for complex query
ScalabilityPoorly scalable
Highly scalable

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