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SAP BW: Logistics (LIS) Setup Tables for Full and Delta Extraction

Ok, we got a disaster in SAP BW NW 7 machine, part of the physical memory just suddenly break! Yeah! and The ‘fun’ part , the malfunction occures on heavy extraction of data from SAP R3 / IS-M Production Server. It break on pararel processing , although we can identify the malfunction Object, the team… Continue reading

Sublime Text Code Editor!

Right now, I’m using various developer tools to manage application code. Before this month, developer tools such as Visual Studio, SQL Server Management Studio, HeidiSQL and Notepad++ are the daily tools for developing application. Well, i think the application world is evolving in rapid ways, the horizon of an application developmentĀ  suddenly becoming more vast… Continue reading

Nggak Heran Kalau Anak Kami Gempal

Semua bermula ketika kami nonton sebuah acara kuliner di sebuah televisi lokal. Wah, boleh juga kalau Senin (14/7) berwisata kuliner di Bogor. Apalagi Didit sudah mengambil cuti untuk mengantarkan istrinya yang cantik (heheheā€¦) untuk ke DSOG, katanya sih penasaran mau lihat wajah si Utun (sebutan kami berdua untuk janin yang ada di dalam kandunganku). Meskipun,… Continue reading

WordPress Automatic Upgrade, Cool!!

This blog is using a wordpress (WP) blog engine, and one it’s really annoying ‘features’ is the quick upgrade schedule. yup!, if you are using WP then you have to make an upgrade in a short time. Mostly because a security reason… Upgrading a blog engine can be (surely) a very time consuming activities. Thanks… Continue reading

A million rows and beautifull chart

Despite of the pro and cons, there’s no doubt that a lot of people still using Microsoft product. Recently I finally got the chance to feel the experience using the latest Microsoft Office Suite, the 2007 version. Working in research department means a lot of spreadsheet calculation and all done in Microsoft office excel. In… Continue reading