The Next step on using SQL Server Analysis Service (SSAS) as Business Intelligence (BI) / Warehouse (BW) platform is to master Multi Dimensional Expression (MDX), it’s like Query on T-SQL.

Question, how to master MDX script language on SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Service) ? or where to start ?

Firts thing first, you have to understand MDX Syntax Conventions (MDX),  MDX Statement Reference (MDX) , MDX Operator Reference (MDX) and especially theese MDX Function Reference

  1. Array Functions
  2. Hierarchy Functions
  3. Level Functions
  4. Logical Functions
  5. Member Functions
  6. Numeric Functions
  7. Set Functions
  8. String Functions
  9. Subcube Functions
  10. Tuple Functions

source : msdn

MDX Statement Reference (MDX)

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