sap logoSAP BW Client

SBIW : SAP Business Information Warehouse IMG (Implementation Guide)

RSA1 : Modelling DW Workbench. This is Main Transaction

SCC4 : Client Administration (BASIS Area)

RSECADMIN : Authorization, Replacing Obselete RSSM

SE10 : Transport Organizer

RSPC : Process Chain Maintenance

SE37 : ABAP Function Modules

RSZC : Copy Query Between InfoCube

RSRV : Analysis and Repair of BW Objects

RSORBCT : BI Business Content Transfer

SM37 : Overview Of Job Selection

LISTCUBE: To display content of Info Providers

SAP R3 Client (Origin, Dev, or Quality Control)

RSA9 : Content Application Transfer Component Hierarchy (One Time Setting)

RSA2 : OLTP Metadata Repository, For Checking DELTA Capable

RSA3 : Extractor Checker

RSA 5 : Install Business Content

RSA6 : Maintain DataSource

RSA7 : BW Delta Queue Monitor

LBWQ : Logistic Queue Overview

LBWE : LO data Extraction : Customizing Cockpit

LBWG : Deletion of Setup Data

SBIW : SAP Business Information Warehouse IMG (Implementation Guide)

OLI7BW : Statistical Setup for Old Documents : Order

SE16 : Data Brrowser

SE10 : Transport Organizer

SE11 : ABAP Dictionary Maintenance

RSO2 : OLTP Metadata Repository

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