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Apa itu Business Intelligence ?

Business Intelligence (BI) merupakan topik atau istilah yang cukup hangat diperbincangkan di dunia bisnis maupun teknologi informasi. Seringkali kita mendengarkan istilah ini diucapkan pada seminar maupun tertera pada artikel ilmiah. Sialnya pengertian business intelligence pada bidang bisnis dan teknologi informasi sangatlah berbeda. BI in Business != BI in Information Technology. Business Intelligence pada dunia bisnis… Continue reading

Microsoft Analysis Service (OLAP) Front-End

Option for MSSQL Analysis Service (OLAP) Front-End 1.Microsoft SQL Reporting Service SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is a server-based report generation software system from Microsoft. It can be used to prepare and deliver a variety of interactive and printed reports. It is administered via a web interface 2.Microsoft PerformancePoint Service PerformancePoint Services in Microsoft SharePoint… Continue reading

SAP BW, Documentation (1)

After getting to  know and familiar with SAP BW basic T-CODES. I found another website to help mastering SAP BW is Lots of goodies relating  SAP BW, such as tutorials, learning guides and help files containing PDF or Microsoft Documents (Doc) . Interesting, I thought the page/sub domain is a technic for Search Engine… Continue reading

SAP BW : Cannot delete DTP

Problem: Cannot delete Data Transfer Process (DTP) from DSO/CUBE to DSO/CUBE. Despite all the pre-conditions have been met, such as deleting data and requests in the target and source. Error Message: Delta DTP cannot currently be deleted (see long text) Message no. RSBK037 Diagnosis You want to delete a delta DTP that has been successfully… Continue reading

SAP BW NW7 Transaction

SAP BW Client – SBIW : SAP Business Information Warehouse IMG (Implementation Guide) – RSA1 : Modelling DW Workbench. This is Main Transaction – SCC4 : Client Administration (BASIS Area) – RSECADMIN : Authorization, Replacing Obselete RSSM – SE10 : Transport Organizer – RSPC : Process Chain Maintenance – SE37 : ABAP Function Modules –… Continue reading