sap logoAfter getting to  know and familiar with SAP BW basic T-CODES. I found another website to help mastering SAP BW is

Lots of goodies relating  SAP BW, such as tutorials, learning guides and help files containing PDF or Microsoft Documents (Doc) .

Interesting, I thought the page/sub domain is a technic for Search Engine Optimation(SEO), and it works!

Theese are the list of tutorial that i copy paste from

  • SAP BW Authorizations docs in detail
  • SAP BW BPS Planning Folders and Layouts
  • How to integrate SAP BI with XI PDF
  • How to install SAP BW
  • SAP BW Netweaver Installation MEDIA_LIST_NETWEAVER
  • Online Analytical Processing(OLAP)
  • SAP BW Sizing Help for estimating the hardware resources needed
  • SAP BW Business Explorer(BEX) a detail learning document
  • ABAP Required in SAP BW for ABAP routines,Functional modules in detail
  • SAP BI Accelerator for high performance in queries
  • SAP BW Cell editing in BEX
  • Control and profitability Analysis in SAP BW
  • Exit Function in SAP BW
  • SAP BW Front End Designing
  • How to handle inventory in SAP BW
  • SAP BW Transaction Codes (t-codes)
  • SAP BW Performance Tuning for queries
  • SAP BW BPS WEB Based Planning


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  1. Maxima Losey
    Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

    It's really a excellent post on Learning SAP. I actually enjoyed reading the way you have expained the ideas above. Thank you a lot for this type of nice writeup. Have you seen more material for all the SAP Modules. I am keen on understanding SAP more and want to appreciate your time and efforts.


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