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SAP BW, Documentation (1)

After getting to  know and familiar with SAP BW basic T-CODES. I found another website to help mastering SAP BW is Lots of goodies relating  SAP BW, such as tutorials, learning guides and help files containing PDF or Microsoft Documents (Doc) . Interesting, I thought the page/sub domain is a technic for Search Engine… Continue reading

SAP BW : Cannot delete DTP

Problem: Cannot delete Data Transfer Process (DTP) from DSO/CUBE to DSO/CUBE. Despite all the pre-conditions have been met, such as deleting data and requests in the target and source. Error Message: Delta DTP cannot currently be deleted (see long text) Message no. RSBK037 Diagnosis You want to delete a delta DTP that has been successfully… Continue reading

SAP BW NW7 Transaction

SAP BW Client – SBIW : SAP Business Information Warehouse IMG (Implementation Guide) – RSA1 : Modelling DW Workbench. This is Main Transaction – SCC4 : Client Administration (BASIS Area) – RSECADMIN : Authorization, Replacing Obselete RSSM – SE10 : Transport Organizer – RSPC : Process Chain Maintenance – SE37 : ABAP Function Modules –… Continue reading