I found that the simple and low cost way to setup, produce, run and maintain a Web Geographic Information System (GIS) is by using MapGuide Opensource (server) and Autodesk MapGuide Studio (Author).

Screen shot Note: The spatial data is based on esri shape file (shp) and automatically transform into sdf (autodesk spatial data file) for better performance. The Image layer is from NASA.

The spatial layer can also easily join with other data source such as SQL Server, Oracle, MySQl , PostgreSQL , etc

Here’s the screen shots, from authoring until publishing:

1. Find Data and Build Layers

2.Make Map and Place The Map on the Internet

3.Line feature, it connect all the dot.

4.It quickly load(show) millions of polygon shapes

5. image from NASA and transparant layer

6. Buffer

7. An Image from a click on a location, using simple concat script

The Web GIS application is runnning on windows server 2003 operating system, dot net 2.0 framework , mapguide opensource 1.2 and Autodesk MapGuide Studio

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