Linux versions of many Microsoft software products are supported and are available through the “Linux Software Repository for Microsoft Products” at

Unfortunately, the BlobFuse installation via the apt package repository for Microsoft products is not available for Debian. It’s unclear why this significant omission occurred—leaving Debian out of the loop.

Below are steps tailored for Debian 11, which should also be applicable to Debian 12.

Step 1 : Install Dependencies

Step 2 : Download Blobfuse directory from Github

Step 3 : Extract install using dpkg

Step 4 : Check Blobfuse2 version

Step 5 : Create blobfuse cache directory

Step 6: Create blobfuse directory for mounting with Azure Blob Container

Step 7 : Create configuration file (DO NOT USE sudo)

Step 8: Complete the config.yaml setting using this structure

Step 9 : mount the Azure Blob Container with local VM directory



Case 1 : If you need to unmount, you can use this script

Case 2: If You cannot create directory, make sure your Azure Storage is Hierarchical namespace (HNS) enabled and modify the .yaml file. Replace type:block with type:adls

Case 3 : Your disk is full because of Blobfuse log data ?

Try to change Blobfuse log file configuration using rotate.

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