sap logoSAP Net Weaver 7 (SAP NW7) has a capability to store query bookmark on web application (Bex Web Analyzer). If we execute query from Query Designer, than it will launch a query in web application. The other way running a query is from Excel Ad In (Query Analyzer).

I like to run query from web application  compare to Excel Ad In, it has great presentation look and it can run anywhere with in browser.

The Problem is the “Save As” menu to My Favorites“,”Bex Portfolio“,”My Portfolio” on web app query is visible and easily use , but there’s no “delete” button on web application query for “Bex Portfolio” item .  User can easily save layout but cannot delete them. Whoott……..!!

To delete a Bex Web Analyzer Bookmark – Bex Portfolio , follow this steps:

1.) Go To:




note:don’t forget to add ‘slash’ (/) at the end of the url

2.) Fill User Name and Password , then click  Documents > Public Documents (see picture below) Or Entry Points> Public Documents

public documents my portfolio

3.) Click the icon at the right corner of the Bex Web Application Item (see picture below)
public documents my portfolio delete

and it is DONE! for Bex Portfolio” item

4.) To delete another  Bex Web Analyzer Bookmark – My Favorites or Personal Folder :

Go To: http://<servername>:<port>/irj/go/km/navigation/

and explore the navigation menu. I can’t describe in detail because i’m not testing it on non admin user, yet.


  1. SDN Forum – Bex Web Favorites


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