Ok, we got a disaster in SAP BW NW 7 machine, part of the physical memory just suddenly break! Yeah! and The ‘fun’ part , the malfunction occures on heavy extraction of data from SAP R3 / IS-M Production Server. It break on pararel processing , although we can identify the malfunction Object, the team didn’t want to take a risk for another Object status that runs pararel on that time.

To get a healthy SAP BW server environment , we have to restore an Offline Backup few days back, problem solved!! , but…., we just lost DELTA extraction from SAP R3 / IS-M Production Server. Doh…!!!

Now, we have to reload all the data from the beginning, and the real pain in the ass is to reload the Logistic Datasource Modul on SAP R3 /IS-M. So theese are steps to reload the Datasource:

1.Make sure the BASIS team already restored the SAP BW NW 7 system completely and flawlessly.

2.Make sure you just lost DELTA extraction from 2LIS (Logistic) Modul , if not , of course you dont’t hove to do this steps.

3.After all the prequsites met, and first thing you have to do is to DELETE the SETUP TABLES.

– Using TCODE goto SBIW screen
– Setting s For Application Specific Datasource (PI)
– Managing Extract Structure
– Using TCODE goto LBWE screen (Logistic Extraction Structure Customizing Cockpit)
– Check if the datasource active or not.
– Initialization
– DELETE Contents Of Setup tables

4.After deleting setup tables, next is to INIT (FILL) the SETUP TABLES.

– FILLING SETUP tables (Filling In The SetUp tables).
– for each Data Source

5. Done!


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