Read Master Data (Master Data Derivation) in SAP BW NW 7 is one of popular Transformation method to fill an InfoObject on a Cube or DSO. I think 99 percent of SAP BW architecture use this method.

Recently we have problem , an ABAP dump (error) occurs just after we finished a modification to a transformation. We are adding another read master data to new InfoObject. usually there is no any obstacle to perform this kind of modification.

The ABAB dump message (i have reduce the log file for important keyword only) :

According to SAP NOTES , your system might have been implement:

SAP Note 1092539 – Master Data Lookup with prefetch

Which is a feature to speed up a read master data process by enabling “Master Data Lookup with Prefetch”. It can be turned ON by
maintaining a parameter named – MD_LOOKUP_PREFETCH_LOGIC in the table
RSADMIN. A value ‘X’ against this parameter causes the Transformation
program to switch to the new mode of Master Data look-up. It is turned ON
by default with SAP NetWeaver 7.0 BI support package 16.

Other Notes to read:

SAP Note 1175141 – Short Dump in Master Data Lookup in Transformations
SAP Note 1227788 – Reading master data with buffering returns incorrect values
SAP Note 1233535 – Reading master data with prefetch does not work correctly
SAP Note 1236970 – Reading master data returns incorrect data
SAP Note 1239269 – Error during Master Data Lookup in Transformations


1. Simply turn off the “Master Data Lookup with Prefetch” feature whic is a system-wide setting. Of course this will downgrade the ETL performace significantly
2. Update the BI patch to the latest release, or later than Release 19 . I think this is the best (recomended) option.

Good Luck


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