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Men are PIG!

ReWritten By: Happyninatyas

Hello my treasure, I love you
You are the one and only for me
The other girls are silly
That’s why I’ve chosen you

You are so diffrent, quite special
I get such diffrences always first
Now, undress yourself and lay down
Because I feel so in love with you

Man, if feeling as a man
If he can do that on you
He is living that rafter bend
To get you in their bed

The next morning
He doesn’t even know your name
For them, love is like loosing sperm
Girls, think about it

Men are pig
Don’t expect for sunshine
Exception does not exist
In every man there’s always:

Men are Sow
Don’t believe in any word
They swear to you loyalty forever
But it is gone the next morning

Men? They awful hairy beasts?
They always want to touch you
And they all want the same
One thing from girl

And if you do the mistake
And get a husband
Your rose gentleman is mutating
To an animal too

He shows you his real “me”
Unshaved and repugnant
Drinking beer, watching TV
And becaming fat very fast
And belching and puffup in the marriage bed
You’ll have a King Kong for husband
That’s why always think about:

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