1. Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) from Vista x86 as Client to Windows Server 2008 x64 as Server, lost (disconnected) in randomize duration.

The error message:

Because of an error in data encryption, this session will end. Please try connecting to the remote computer again

2. SQL Server Management Studio 2008  on Vista x86  cannot connect properly to  SQL Server 2008 x64 Standard Edition on Microsoft Windows server 2008 x64 Enterprise Edition.

Sometimes you can log in , sometimes you cannot. When you succeeded on log in , you cannot browse/expand  tables on a database or other folder such as log in folder.

The error message:

Internal connection fatal error. (System.Data)


After some Googling and Analyze the data traffic using Microsoft Network Monitor 3.3 . It seems that there’s a problem on HP Gigabyte LAN (HP NC373i).  The problem is on  IPv4 Large Send Offload method on delivering data.


    Turn Off  (Disabled) the IPv4 Large Send Offload Feature On HP NC373i Network Adapter.

    Goto :

    1. Server Manager Application
    2. Summary > Computer Information > View Network Connections
    3. Right Click on Local Area Connection > Click Properties
    4. Click Configure
    5. Goto Advanced Tab
    6. Select IPv4 Large Send Offload
    7. Set the Value : Disable
  1. Click Ok
  2. Terimakasih!

    3 Comments RDC and SQL Server Management Studio 2008 on Vista x86, cannot connect to Windows Server 2008 x64

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      I am trying to establish a clear relationship between Large Send Offload issues and the HP 373i. I was pleased to find your article on this very subject however, the article you referenced doesn’t mention the HP NIC. Do you have any additional documentation concerning the HP 373i and LSO?

      Thanks very much in advance,



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