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SSAS: MDX Average Script On SSAS 2008

The MDX script on Microsoft Analysis Service (SSAS) 2008 and 2005 are different from SQL 2000. Here’s an example how to calculate average using MDX script on Analysis Service 2008. SSAS 2008, How to calculate Net Value By Date (NetValue / Date) AVG( Descendants( [Time].[Calendar].CurrentMember, [Time].[Calendar].[Date] ), [Measures].[NetValue] ) Old one, SSAS 2000, How to… Continue reading

RDC and SQL Server Management Studio 2008 on Vista x86, cannot connect to Windows Server 2008 x64

Problem 1. Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) from Vista x86 as Client to Windows Server 2008 x64 as Server, lost (disconnected) in randomize duration. The error message: Because of an error in data encryption, this session will end. Please try connecting to the remote computer again 2. SQL Server Management Studio 2008  on Vista x86  cannot… Continue reading