Sublime Text Code Editor!

Right now, I’m using various developer tools to manage application code. Before this month, developer tools such as Visual Studio, SQL Server Management Studio, HeidiSQL and Notepad++ are the daily tools for developing application. Well, i think the application world is evolving in rapid ways, the horizon of an application development  suddenly becoming more vast… Continue reading

SSAS: Mastering MDX on SSAS

The Next step on using SQL Server Analysis Service (SSAS) as Business Intelligence (BI) / Warehouse (BW) platform is to master Multi Dimensional Expression (MDX), it’s like Query on T-SQL. Question, how to master MDX script language on SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Service) ? or where to start ? Firts thing first, you have to… Continue reading

Future Browser

Here we go, one day left (Tuesday)….. So what is the big next thing after Mozilla FireFox 3.0 Masive Download ? Yeah, Google preparing the launch of it’s future web browser, Open source Browser name Google Chrome. So what so special ? well this is not ordinary browser, it’s completely different. browser. Build from scratch,… Continue reading