Month: May 2008

Pondok Pemburu – Gunung Pancar, Nyasar!

Seperti biasanya, pada hari sabtu 17 Mei 2008 saya dan teman-teman (fami doang) KGC bersepeda di jalur offroad.Kali ini sasarannya adalah jalur Pondok Pemburu sampai Gunung Pancar. Kami benar-benar “buta”dengan jalur ini, bisa dibilang agak nekat juga, karena kami berdua belum pernah sama sekali mencicipi jalur ini. * manage by Gagas Lintas Media in partnerhsip […]

MTB Heroes

Sama seperti cabang olahraga lainnya, Mountain Bike (MTB) juga memiliki icon atau “pahlawan” tersendiri. Tennis punya Maria Sharapova dan Roger Federer. Balap motor punya Valentino Rossi. dll… Jadi, siapa saja para icon atau pahlawan di dunia sepeda gunung ? Dimana mulai mencari ? * manage by Gagas Lintas Media in partnerhsip with

Encrypt and Decrypt Web.Config (Connection Strings, etc) from ASP Page

Example: How to encrypt/decrypt connectionStrings and SessionState section on Web.Config file? This is a codebehid sample script written on C# to perform Encrypt and Decrypt procedure against few items on Web.Config file. Single ASP.NET page can perform this task easily, so you don’t have to write any code in command prompt. Declare this namespace: using […]

Web GIS with MapGuide Opensource 1.2

I found that the simple and low cost way to setup, produce, run and maintain a Web Geographic Information System (GIS) is by using MapGuide Opensource (server) and Autodesk MapGuide Studio (Author). Screen shot Note: The spatial data is based on esri shape file (shp) and automatically transform into sdf (autodesk spatial data file) for […]

Sharepoint Service 2.0 and SharePoint Portal 2003 BUG!

In my opinion, Sharepoint Portal Server 2003 (SPS 2003) is a superb! Content Management System (CMS) and Collaboration Portal for Intranet. It’s build (runs) on top of Windows Sharepoint Service 2.0 (WSS 2.0). It’s very suitable for Knowledge Management. You can throw almost any kind of document, collaborate and find it again just a second. […]

MapGuide Open Source (MGOS)

I always looking for free web gis server with dotnet framework capabilities. Mostly everything that related with dotnet came with a charge. Recently i found that autodesk start their web gis opensource project, the MapGuide Open Source Project (MGOS). Surely it can run on dotnet framework and it’s free. MapGuide Open Source is a web-based […]


One of my favorite geographic Information System (gis) web server is Sharpmap. It runs on dotnet 2.0 and using ASP.NET(C#) language. I like Sharmap, because it’s open source and free . The web server it self didn’t need any additional software/component to install. Just pure dotnetframework (v.2.0). So it can be easily deploy on common […]

Multi Dimensional Expression Basic (MDX)

This post is copy from, a unique website coz it’s only have one item…. The basic script of Multi Dimensional Expression (MDX). It’s very usefull for developer to build some scenarios in a CUBE. thank you, hope it’s ok i copied all the page. MDX Expressions Function Requires Returns CurrentMember Dimension Member PrevMember Member […]

Shrink the log file on mssql server 2000

sql server 2000 one of most powerful and easy to use database application. It’s nicely handle giga size data. Unfortunately the growth of the log file can be very frustrating. Sometimes there’s a certain difficulty when we want to shrink the log file, mainly because the database still running a process. usually we can use […]

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