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MTB Heroes

Sama seperti cabang olahraga lainnya, Mountain Bike (MTB) juga memiliki icon atau “pahlawan” tersendiri. Tennis punya Maria Sharapova dan Roger Federer. Balap motor punya Valentino Rossi. dll… Jadi, siapa saja para icon atau pahlawan di dunia sepeda gunung ? Dimana mulai mencari ?

MapGuide Open Source (MGOS)

I always looking for free web gis server with dotnet framework capabilities. Mostly everything that related with dotnet came with a charge. Recently i found that autodesk start their web gis opensource project, the MapGuide Open Source Project (MGOS). Surely it can run on dotnet framework and it’s free. MapGuide Open Source is a web-based… Continue reading


One of my favorite geographic Information System (gis) web server is Sharpmap. It runs on dotnet 2.0 and using ASP.NET(C#) language. I like Sharmap, because it’s open source and free . The web server it self didn’t need any additional software/component to install. Just pure dotnetframework (v.2.0). So it can be easily deploy on common… Continue reading