For all nokia e-series users. there’s a way to connect to the internet freely without using GPRS connection or Wifi.
If you have a pc with internet connection, just do the following steps to get free internet connection with your Nokia E61 or other e-series:

1.Make sure you have nokia pc suite installed

2.Install the Nokia bridge aplication

The Nokia Network Bridge is a PC based tool that enables access from a Nokia 9500 Communicator, Nokia 9300, Nokia 9300i smartphones, Nokia E60, Nokia E61 and Nokia E70 devices to the internet or a corporate network through a cable networked PC. Supporting the routing of two-way IP traffic the Nokia Network Bridge uses IP passthrough technology over the devices USB cable to make a connection.usually bundle with the e-series phone

3. connect your e-series phone with the computer (this example use Nokia E61), it should works with another e-series product.
choose the “IP Passthrough” mode

4.goto “menu>tools>settings>connection>access points”
“options>New access points>Use Default settings”

5.fill/set the following fields:
connection name : My ippass
data bearer : IP passthrough

note: if your internet connection use static ip or use proxy server, then you should make little change on the “advanced setting” menu,

6.then, you should check if the connection works (if not, just disconnect you cellphone and connect again)
on your computer goto “start>control panel>nokia network bridge”

7.check the device, then clik “ok”

9.when you are using application like google maps, choose ip passthrough for data connection.

This method save a lot of money for sure. 🙂

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