If you are a developer or a Windows tweaker, then formatting and reinstalling Windows operating system might became a regular basis activities. Reinstalling Windows Operating System in repetitive ways on a Hardrive or Virtualization such as VMWare or Virtualbox might resulting on Activation Key Suspension.

How we can avoid Activation Key Suspension without calling local Microsoft office ?

Here’s the steps:

  1. Go To C:\WINDOWSSystem32
  2. Backup wpa.dbl file to other location (ie:D Drive)

Now, you can format and reinstall the operating system Dirve (ie: C Drive). Important note, You cannot add another hardware with this step, because it will reconfigurate the Activation Key.

  1. Restart/ Shutdown the Computer
  2. Few Second after Boot, Press F8 Key before OS Start.
  3. Choose Safe Mode.
  4. Copy the wpa.dbl file from data/backup drive (ie: D Drive)
  5. Paste the wpa.dbl file into C:\WINDOWSSystem32 Folder
  6. Overwrite the existing file.
  7. Restart your Windows OS
  8. Now You have succeded activate the windows OS.

Good Luck


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