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Multiple IIf Logic Block

IIf function often used in MultiDimensionalExpression (MDX), It’s quiet simple to implement single block of IIf block. This an example of Multiple IIf logic block. Example1: IIf(Measures.[Store Sales] > 50000, “Good”, IIf(Measures.[Store Sales] > 30000, “Average”, IIf(Measures.[Store Sales] > 10000, “Poor”, “No”)))

If…Then..Else… in MultiDimensionalExpression

A logical script in MDX to perform an “If..Then.. Else..” block. IIf(«Logical Expression», «Numeric/String Expression1», «Numeric/String Expression2») Example1:The following example returns 0 if Measures.CurrentMember is an empty cell, 1 otherwise: IIf(IsEmpty(Measures.CurrentMember), 0, 1) Example2:The following string returns the string “Yes” if Measures.CurrentMember is an empty cell, the string, “No” otherwise: IIf(IsEmpty(Measures.CurrentMember), “Yes”, “No”) Example3: IIf(… Continue reading