Leaving Kompas Daily

November 1st 2020 marks the end of my journey at PT Kompas Media Nusantara (Kompas Daily).

For the past 16 years I have had the honor of working with many people who I highly value, no matter if they are my peers, bosses, or team members.

They inspire me with their dedication, creativity, leadership, genuineness, humility, and a lot of great human qualities that we look for in a working environment.

Whether during my roles as staff or as a leader in management, the warmth and great teamwork always make me feel at home.

I have learned and hopefully also contributed a lot to the company and the people I worked with.I wish everyone and the company the best for the future.

As for me, I will embrace whatever comes for me in my next journey.

*Thank you for the gift guys.. backpack and the photo album.

*Diditho.com manage by Gagas Lintas Media in partnerhsip with Netfit.id


Work using bleeding edge technology solution, design thinking evangelist and digital marketing wrangler on daily basis. Use and love public transportation, night jogger and mountain bike warrior at weekend!

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