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SAP BW: COPY, DELETE Query and WorkBook

Managing Query in SAP BW NW7 can be done with theese tools and t-code: Query Designer, an application from SAP NW7 Business Explorer installation. t-code: RSZC : to Copy Query between InfoCube or MultiProvider t-code: RSZDELETE : to Delete Quer between InfoCube or MultiProvider t-code: SA38 , program: RSAQ_DELETE_QUERY : Reorganization of WorkBook and Role… Continue reading

SAP BW, Documentation (1)

After getting to  know and familiar with SAP BW basic T-CODES. I found another website to help mastering SAP BW is Lots of goodies relating  SAP BW, such as tutorials, learning guides and help files containing PDF or Microsoft Documents (Doc) . Interesting, I thought the page/sub domain is a technic for Search Engine… Continue reading