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SAP BW: DTP, Extract Very Large Data from PSA to DSO

The next step in SAP BW after Initial (INIT) and Full of  Logistic (LIS) Data Extaction (with InfoPackage) from SAP R/3 to Persistance Storage Area (PSA), is to load very large data (2LIS_11_VAKON) from PSA to DataSource Object (DSO). This data source is one of the biggest Datasource we have on our SAP BW 7… Continue reading

SAP BW : Cannot delete DTP

Problem: Cannot delete Data Transfer Process (DTP) from DSO/CUBE to DSO/CUBE. Despite all the pre-conditions have been met, such as deleting data and requests in the target and source. Error Message: Delta DTP cannot currently be deleted (see long text) Message no. RSBK037 Diagnosis You want to delete a delta DTP that has been successfully… Continue reading