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Perbaikan Aplikasi Blackberry TTS Kompas, Upgrade ke Versi 1.2.1

Beberapa minggu lalu, kami menyadari beberapa bug yang timbul dan fitur yang kurang sempurna dengan Aplikasi Blackberry TTS Kompas. Aplikasi ini merupakan sebuah teka-teki silang yang dapat anda mainkan di perangkat genggam Blackberry anda. Berhubung aplikasi ini akan digunakan oleh Kompas pada event Kilau Ramadhan 2012, akhirnya kami putuskan untuk memperbaiki dan memperkaya aplikasi ini…. Continue reading

WSS 3.0 content cannot be crawled by WSS 3.0 Search Service or Search Server 2008

Problem: Suddenly, after detached and re-attached  a WSS 3.0 content database , the WSS 3.0 search service or Search Server 2008 Express (SS2008E) cannot crawl the portal anymore. So i began to refresh the service and repopulate the search index by performing these  steps: Redefined Alternate Address Mapping (AAM) Reset all  Search Server 2008 Express… Continue reading

Sharepoint Service 2.0 and SharePoint Portal 2003 BUG!

In my opinion, Sharepoint Portal Server 2003 (SPS 2003) is a superb! Content Management System (CMS) and Collaboration Portal for Intranet. It’s build (runs) on top of Windows Sharepoint Service 2.0 (WSS 2.0). It’s very suitable for Knowledge Management. You can throw almost any kind of document, collaborate and find it again just a second…. Continue reading