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MapGuide Open Source (MGOS)

I always looking for free web gis server with dotnet framework capabilities. Mostly everything that related with dotnet came with a charge. Recently i found that autodesk start their web gis opensource project, the MapGuide Open Source Project (MGOS). Surely it can run on dotnet framework and it’s free. MapGuide Open Source is a web-based… Continue reading

Multi Dimensional Expression Basic (MDX)

This post is copy from, a unique website coz it’s only have one item…. The basic script of Multi Dimensional Expression (MDX). It’s very usefull for developer to build some scenarios in a CUBE. thank you, hope it’s ok i copied all the page. MDX Expressions Function Requires Returns CurrentMember Dimension Member PrevMember Member… Continue reading

Shrink the log file on mssql server 2000

sql server 2000 one of most powerful and easy to use database application. It’s nicely handle giga size data. Unfortunately the growth of the log file can be very frustrating. Sometimes there’s a certain difficulty when we want to shrink the log file, mainly because the database still running a process. usually we can use… Continue reading